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 Students who have attained success under Mr Peh

What are Mr Peh’s strategies in helping his students ace A Level Mathematics?

Are you wondering how Mr Peh’s students have attained success for A Level Mathematics as shown above?

Continue reading below to find out the various strategies that Mr Peh adopts to help students achieve their desired grades.

1.  I will summarise the key formulae in each topic, then identify the most commonly tested question types in each Math topic for you and highlight the important skills that you need to apply to answer the questions. For example, in APGP, besides knowing the general formulas for AP and GP, you need to know that the most commonly tested questions involve the use of simultaneous equations and answering finance questions. This helps to break up each topic into bite sizes, help you realise some important points which may not be explicitly stated in the lecture notes so that it is easier for you to revise and review for the exams.

2. Use real life examples to explain the use of statistics learnt in A Level Mathematics. Concepts in probability, permutation and combination, binomial distribution, normal distribution, sampling, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression are very useful knowledge and tools for researchers including Mathematicians, engineers, economists etc. in conducting their research. Hence, rather than using a theoretical approach to teach these topics (which can be a little dry), I will infuse real world applications to help you appreciate these topics better.

3. Highlight the commonly made mistakes in the various topics so that you can avoid making these mistakes just like other students e.g. forgetting to apply chain rule when performing implicit differentiation.

4.  Many Math questions involve standard manipulation procedures to solve them. Examples include  performing partial fractions before  employing method of differences, how to know whether we should perform integration by parts for a product of two functions etc. Hence, with sufficient practice, guidance and emphasis by me, these techniques will become ingrained in you such that you are proficient in solving these standard Mathematics problems.

Many people like to say that Math is all about Practice. I think it is more than just that. In addition, you need to consciously realise and remember the rationale behind why each step is being performed so that you can get to the final answer. Then, you can achieve greater mastery of the topic and subject.

Mr Peh has H2 Math students improving from the bottom 25th percentile to the top 25th percentile in a short span of 3 months. Below is another feedback from parent.

A Level Solutions

I have written answer keys for some of the recent A Level Maths Papers . This is because I not only want my students to know the answers to the questions, but also the thinking process behind them, pitfalls and common misconceptions to avoid. The exact same question is unlikely to be repeated in the A Level exams but you will likely require the same thinking processes to tackle questions from the same topic.

I would also want to  identify the difficult questions for my students, so that you can place these aside first,  focus on those manageable questions but yet you are having difficulties. After that, then you go back to these difficult questions and try them again. Remember that it is important to be exam smart, you do not need 100% to get your ‘A’ grade. However, you must be able to do the questions that an average student should be able to do, and maximise your marks there.

You can click on the respective links below to view and download the detailed solutions in pdf format. More solutions are in the pipeline, do check back this page for updates.

2019 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 1 Solution Click here

2019 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 2 Solution Click here

2018 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 1 Solution Click here

2018 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 2 Solution Click here

2017 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 1 Solution Click here

2017 A Level H2 Mathematics Paper 2 Solution Click here

19. 2019 H2 Math P119. 2019 H2 Math P2

19. 2018 H2 Math P1
19. 2018 H2 Math P2
19. 2017 H2 Math P1
19. 2017 H2 Math P2

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