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What are Mr Peh’s strategies in helping students ace A Level Economics?

Are you wondering how Mr Peh’s students have attained success for A Level Economics as shown above?

Continue reading below to find out the various strategies that Mr Peh adopts to help students achieve their desired grades.

1. Model essays and targeted practice
For H2 Economics, the topics tested for the essays can be broken down into 8 categories. For each category, they have their own types of questions, economic analysis and styles of writing required. You will receive model essays and targeted practice in each of these categories to level up efficiently.

32 Economics Essay Topics

2. Line by line analysis of your written work This is to help you understand the gaps in your writing and make necessary amendments to improve the flow, tailored to your needs

Schools do provide model case study and essay answers but often do not analyse the gaps in your writing in detail, as marker’s comments on your script tend to be brief and general e.g. Weak economic analysis, conceptual error, not answering the question etc.

3. Break down question easily with a 3 step approach
Question analysis is important for you to answer the question relevantly and directly.

4. Techniques to score evaluation marks
You will learn general strategies and thinking processes that you can adopt to achieve the evaluation marks easily.

5. Clearing misconceptions
Misconceptions can severely hinder your learning of Economics content and concepts. With the help of Mr Peh, they will be identified and rectified early.

JC, A Level, Economics Solutions

I have written answer keys  for some of the recent A Level Economics Papers (Both H1 and H2 Level) . This is because I not only want my students to know the answers to the questions, but also the thinking process behind them, pitfalls and common misconceptions to avoid. The exact same question is unlikely to be repeated in the A Level exams but you will likely require the same thinking processes and skills to tackle questions from the same topic.

I would also want to  identify the difficult questions for my students, so that you can place these aside first,  focus on those manageable questions but yet you are having difficulties. After that, then you go back to these difficult questions and try them again. Remember that it is important to be exam smart, you do not need 100% to get your ‘A’ grade. However, you must be able to do the questions that an average student should be able to do, and maximise your marks there.

You can click on the respective links below to view and download the detailed solutions in pdf format.

Note that H1 Economics Question Paper and Solutions are not available at major Popular bookstores. You can request a copy of the question paper from your school teacher.

2019 A Level H1 Economics Paper Solution Click here

2019 A Level H2 Economics Paper 1 Solution Click here

2019 A Level H2 Economics Paper 2 Solution Click here

17. 2019 H1 Econs
17. 2019 H2 Econs P1
17. 2019 H2 Econs P2

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