Eunoia JC A Level Tuition

If you are a JC1 or JC2 student currently studying in Eunoia JC, Eunoia JC A Level tuition will be suitable for you. This is if you are taking at least 1 of the subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics.

Mr Peh who is a former Junior College lecturer and tutor will be fully conducting all the lessons.

Qualifications of Mr Peh include:
-Former MOE JC lecturer with more than 10 years of teaching experience in A Level Tuition
-Holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education specialising in teaching at Junior College level
-Achieved highest possible honour of A star for Cambridge International A Level Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry Examination. Mr Peh has secured 97% of the total marks for all 3 subjects.
-Degree in Economics with second upper honours from NUS
-Writer and publisher of solutions for the Singapore-Cambridge A Level examinations. You can click on the individual subjects to find Mr Peh’s solutions.

Click here to view Mr Peh’s certificates.

Mr Peh’s tuition class is only around 15 minute ride from Eunoia JC at Serangoon Ave 2. Thus, you can conveniently come over to attend lessons after school.

A Level Tuition specially catered to help Eunoia JC EJC students
Eunoia JC EJC A Level Tuition

What is special about Mr Peh’s lessons?

As a former Junior College teacher, Mr Peh knows clearly the standards you have to deliver for school internal examinations. This includes the important JC1 promotional examinations which will determine whether you will get promoted to JC2.

Moreover, with a score of 97% out of the total marks for Cambridge International A Level Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Examinations, Mr Peh knows exactly what Cambridge A Level examiners are looking for in your scripts.

Hence, Mr Peh will prepare you accordingly, helping you to excel in the school internal examinations and the A Levels.

If you are taking the subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, you can also enjoy flexibility in the subject that you would like to focus on for each lesson. This includes last minute refresher lesson to prepare for upcoming tests, and with greater emphasis working on your weaker subjects and topics.

A Level Physics Chemistry Maths and Economics Tuition for Eunoia JC EJC students
EJC A Level Tuition

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