ASRJC A Level Tuition

If you are a student studying in ASRJC, also known as Anderson Serangoon JC, here is some good news!

Mr Peh’s A Level tuition classes are well customised and suited for your needs, especially if you are looking for the following subjects:

H2 Physics Tuition, H2 Maths Tuition, H2 Chem Tuition, H2 Econs Tuition
H1 Physics Tuition, H1 Chem Tuition, H1 Maths Tuition, H1 Econs Tuition

Mr Peh’s tuition class is only a 7 minute walk from Serangoon MRT at Serangoon Ave 2.

Hence, if you stay in the Northeast Area, Toa Payoh, Bishan or Ang Mo Kio, lessons are very accessible for you.

A Level Tuition specially catered to help Anderson Serangoon ASRJC students
ASRJC A Level Tuition

What is special about Mr Peh’s lessons?

In Mr Peh’s class, you have the flexibility in covering any subjects and materials out of A Level Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Economics for each lesson. From Mr Peh’s experience working with ASRJC students, students generally face some difficulties knowing what to focus on when studying for exams. Thus, attending Mr Peh’s lessons will vastly increase your efficiency in learning.  

This is especially helpful if you are an ASRJC student with heavy CCA commitments or facing difficulties coping with your academics.

Struggling to understand school’s lecture notes and answering tutorial questions?
No worries as you can simply bring them over and let Mr Peh go through with you as well.

Line by line analysis will also be provided to help you improve your quality of case study and essay answers in Economics. Step by step analysis will be provided to help you be more proficient in answering problem solving questions for Physics, Chemistry and Maths.  Get exposed to challenging questions from past year school exams and stretch your thinking.

Hence, if you are an Anderson Serangoon JC student struggling to cope or need an extra boost with your academics, do strongly consider signing up for Mr Peh’s tuition classes. Under Mr Peh’s tutelage, there are many students who have seen massive improvements to their grades. Examples include: Jumping from U grade in prelims to A grade for A Levels. Improving from bottom 25 percentile to top 25 percentile.

Discere Servire – Non Mihi Solum
To Learn, To Serve – Not for Myself Alone

A Level Physics Chemistry Maths and Economics Tuition for Anderson Serangoon JC ASRJC students
Anderson Serangoon JC A Level Tuition

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