In your A Level journey, which mode of transport do you prefer?

Dear JC students,

In your A Level journey, you have a few options to get to your destination.

Self-directed learning can be rewarding especially when you get the ‘Aha’ moment of figuring things out by yourself. However, it can be very time consuming, demoralising and exhausting, akin to walking under the scorching sun in the desert alone.

Alternatively, you can go on an easier journey by joining group tuition outside. However, a major issue is you have no control over the content and pace of the lessons. Just like travelling on a bus, it can be slow at times and you will sometimes find the content repetitive to what has been covered in school. In other words, you may not maximise your learning potential.

Here with Mr Peh, things are done differently. In every lesson, you have the full autonomy to decide on the subject and materials to cover for the day, be it revisiting school lecture notes, clarifying the questions you have from your school tutorials and revision packages or working on intensive topical questions and mock papers prepared by Mr Peh.

In addition, concise summarised notes are provided for every subject and topic to minimise your time doing revision and allowing more time for targeted practice. In other words, it is akin to going on a road trip, where you can choose to go Fast and Furious or cruising at a speed you are comfortable with, taking in the breathtaking scenery along the way.

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