What are the benefits of having the freedom to do any subject and topic of your choosing for each lesson?

1. Efficiency in Learning

As the A Level curriculum can be quite a step up from O Levels for all the subjects, students often find that they do not only struggle to cope with just 1 subject, but with multiple subjects. This is an example of a JC2 student’s results who has fared poorly for his March Block Test.

Given that JC school hours are typically longer where it can even extend up to 530pm on certain days, you certainly do not have time and energy to sign up for separate tuition classes for every subject.

Besides that, there will definitely be certain topics for each subject that you are coping well with so you may not need that much help and attention from the tutor. Rather, you will need more help in addressing your weak areas and to understand the more challenging topics for each subject.

With the freedom to choose any subject and topic to do for the day, it allows you to maximise your time in learning so that you can have more time in other areas like CCAs, conducting your own self-revision and obtaining ample rest as well. Remember rest is still very important as you prepare for your A Levels.

2. Premium quality yet more economical and cost saving

The average market rate for group tuition, having 4 lessons in a single A Level subject is about $350. The class size can be huge where it can go up to more than 10 students per class. Also, there will likely be students in the class whom you may not know well and their pace of learning can be quite different from yours. Hence, you may have limited opportunities and may feel a little uncomfortable in speaking up to clarify your queries in the class. If you are a learner who would prefer lessons to be kept at a slower pace, you may find difficulties catching up as well. Conversely, if you are a fast learner, you may feel the pace is a little too slow and you are not getting your money’s worth.

With Mr Peh’s class, all these would not be an issue as the class is kept exclusively to just you and your friends. Hence, you will likely feel more at home to clarify all the queries and doubts on your mind. Also, feel free to provide feedback on whether you would like the class to be slower or faster to suit your own needs. Mr Peh would then adjust the pace accordingly for you.

In addition, you can clarify anything including your school lecture notes which is particularly useful if you have missed a particular lecture or remains clueless about the topic even after attending the lecture. You can also ask anything about your school tutorial questions such as not knowing how to approach the questions or not understanding what you have listened and copied from your school tutor. In fact, just feel free to take screenshots and Whatsapp Mr Peh the tutorial questions you have difficulties with. Mr Peh will answer your queries in the shortest time possible.

Examples of Whatsapp Questions Asked by Students

Do not also forget that Mr Peh is a former MOE JC lecturer and tutor who is up-to-date with the A Level syllabus and examinations by publishing his own solutions, analysis and comments for every subject: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Hence, you can be rest assured that he knows the latest trends of A Level questions and is able to help you diagnose your weaknesses as well as spotting the likely topics and questions which will appear for the examinations in the year.

3. Better prepare for your school tests and examinations

Now, this is actually a very common issue faced by JC students attending tuition for a single subject. Suppose you have JC Economics tuition on every Tuesday evening . However, you may have a H2 Math test on this week’s Wednesday and a H2 Physics test on next week’s Wednesday. Naturally, you will want to have time to study and prepare for the tests of these subjects, the day just before your exam.

Now you are faced with a dilemma of 2 choices:
1. Should you attend JC Economics tuition and spend less time on revision for your test on the other subject the following day?
2. Should you skip JC Economics tuition and spend more time on revision for your test on the other subject the following day?

By attending Mr Peh’s lessons, you would not face such a dilemma. For example, we can spend the first hour recapping on the important concepts, skills and commonly tested types of questions to help you prepare for the test. Then, we still can spend the remaining hour to work on your Economics, honing your essay writing and evaluation skills .

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