10 reasons to engage Mr Peh’s A Level Tuition Services

1. Flexibility in terms of subjects, topic and content to cover

If you have a test for a particular subject in the upcoming week and do not feel confident about it, we can always have a Just-In-Time lesson to reinforce the concepts and work on the frequently tested practice questions as well.

2. Proven track record in helping students excel at the A Levels

Most of my students score ‘A’s and ‘B’s at the A Levels for each of the 4 subjects: Physics,  Chem, Math and Econs.

3. Well-versed with the current A Level Syllabus

I write and publish my own solutions for the A Level exams of the 4 subjects so I know clearly  the subtle differences between  school and A Level standards,  the common concepts and favorite types of questions that A level examiners like to test.

4. Well-equipped with the necessary resources to help you achieve your ‘A’s at the A Levels

The resources that I have at my disposal include concise topical summary notes, mindmaps for Organic Chemistry, topical MCQ questions, structured questions, challenging questions, mock papers, past year prelim papers, examination checklists, Physics and Chemistry Practical Guide.

5. Personal guidance to help you ace each of your subject is provided

The advantages of small group private tuition are multi-fold. The pace of lessons can always be adjusted to what you are comfortable with. You get to raise your questions and clear your doubts immediately during the lesson. Personalised feedback will be provided on your work, assignments and essays (Especially important for Economics).

6. Answer your questions outside of tuition lessons 

Feel free to take screenshots and Whatsapp me any questions that you have, being not able to understand your school’s lecture notes, being unable to solve your school’s tutorial questions and revision package questions. I will reply you at the earliest time that I am available.

7. Convenient Location for Tuition

5 minutes walk from both Lorong Chuan MRT and Serangoon MRT, very very near NYJC

8. Conducive Environment for Tuition

Air conditioned classroom, ice water and snacks are available

9. Pay the price of 1 subject but enjoy coverage for all 4 subjects

PCME Bao Ga Liao!

10. Form your own group and join with your friends to enjoy discounts!

Tuition Fees are listed in the previous page.

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