Information about Mr Peh

Mr Peh started his teaching career back in 2010, working in the private tuition industry, coaching students at the Upper Secondary and Junior College level. This allows Mr Peh to understand clearly what you have learnt at the Secondary school level and make the connections to the various JC Mathematics and Sciences concepts that you are currently learning.

14. Gaps between sec sch and JC

This is a common issue faced by many JC students who cannot reconcile between what you have previously learnt and what you are currently learning. Other examples include Bohr’s model VS spdf configuration and changes to the Newton’s second law definition.

After receiving his Economics degree with Second Upper Honours and being a MOE Teaching Award recipient, Mr Peh then pursued his Postgraduate Diploma  in Education Programmes (PGDE) at NIE. Subsequently, he was posted to St Andrew’s Junior College to  teach as a full time JC lecturer and tutor in 2014. During his stint as a full time JC lecturer and tutor, Mr Peh helped many of his classes realise their potential, including 100% JC1 promotion on multiple occasions, achieving over 90% ‘A’s for Project Work, clinching the Most Improved Class Award and Top Performing Class of the Cohort, and so on.

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