10 reasons why you should join Mr Peh’s class

1. Enjoy flexibility in terms of the subject and content that  you want to do for each lesson, which will allow you to clarify your most heartburning questions for each week.

A Level Tuition Menu

2. Mr Peh has a proven track record in helping his students excel at the A Levels, with most of his students scoring ‘A’s and ‘B’s for each of the 4 subjects: Physics, Chem, Maths and Econs. (Scroll down for some of the testimonials that students write for Mr Peh)

A and B

3. Mr Peh is very well versed with the current A Level syllabus. In fact, Mr Peh writes and publishes his own A Level solutions for each of the 4 subjects personally.

6. Physics and Chemistry Ans Key Cover Page
7. Math and Econs Ans Key Cover Page
8. Physics and Chem Practical Guide Cover Page

4. Mr Peh has all the resources you need to ace the A Levels, which includes concise topical summary notes, mindmaps for Organic Chemistry, topical MCQ questions, structured questions, challenging questions, mock papers, past year prelim papers, examination checklists, Physics and Chemistry Practical Guide.

5. Personal guidance to help you ace each of your subject  is provided, including line by line analysis to help you improve your writing for case studies and essays, identifying your mistakes, analysing the areas which you are weak at and need improvement on.

9. Identify Mistakes

6. Answer your questions outside of tuition lessons at the earliest possible time when Mr Peh is available.

10. Answer Questions

7. Convenient Location for Tuition. Tuition Lessons are held at Mr Peh’s place of residence which is just 5 minutes walk from both Serangoon MRT station and Lorong Chuan MRT station, very very near NYJC.

11.Tuition Location

8. Conducive Environment for Tuition. Fully air-conditioned classroom setting, with ice water and snacks available for you!

12. snacks 1
12. snacks 2
12. snacks 3

9. You only pay the price of 1 subject but enjoy coverage for all 4 subjects.
PCME  Bao Ga Liao!

9. value for money

10. Form your own group and join with your friends to enjoy discounts!

12. Join with friends

If you are interested to engage Mr Peh’s services, do feel free to contact him at  96517737, preferably through Whatsapp. Click on Tuition Services to find out the slots that are still available.

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